When did lifting become…

About people criticizing instead of building up?

About who can talk the most instead of lift the most?

About gyms over training?

About egos over numbers?

When has lifting weights gone from something we all can do for fun, to win, to break records, to improve to being the internet craziness it has become when lifters post videos and get criticized for lifts “too high”, lifts “not done to standards of so-and-so federation”, etc.?

I am not a naive man, this day and age social networking is amazingly powerful, and legit lifters get the credit they deserve, but so do people that don’t deserve it.

The shady promoters that bash others, the nameless critics that rip on others instead of offering constructive advice, and the ones that do nothing but draw attention to themselves any way they can in a negative way.

It won’t change because people are going to be people, but each of us can add something positive to the lifting world by supporting our fellow lifter instead of breaking them down.

If you don’t like the way a certain fed operates, choose another one.

If you don’t like a certain gym, don’t go there.

The key is being positive, being productive and support anyone who brings something good to the game.

I, personally, think its a shame that lifting has both a good side and a dark side, and the dark side isn’t the drugs, its the people who only serve to offer nothing but destructive comments along the way.

Be part of the good side and grow with the sport; not away from it.


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