Some myths busted

1. Slow cardio is worthless

Yes, because building an aerobic base or working your heart rate zone for an extended period of time has zero fitness and fat loss benefit at all. The key is mixing it up. Not dogmatic adherence to HIIT like its written in stone.

2. Lifting weights won’t make women bulky

This depends on what your view of bulky is as a woman. Some prefer sleek, some prefer muscular, some prefer a mix. One woman’s bulky is another woman’s ideal. Personally a man’s ideal doesn’t matter, it’s up to her and her goals. So men can stay out of that discussion.

Some women can lift all day and love how they look. Some women will lift heavy and hate how they look. Again, it’s the eye of the beholder and they are the beholder, NOT us men.

The worst is when women judge other women for not WANTING to lift heavy. Hey, support each other in your health and gym goals, don’t judge and push them away.

You wanna be a powerlifter, go for it. You want to do Zumba, go get it. You want to do lunges and pullups all day, sweet. Just do something that gives you the goals YOU want without feeling like you are judged for doing it.

3. Carbs are evil

No, eating carbs like a fat gavone is. You show me an elite athlete that forgoes carbs and I’ll show you a genetic freak.

4. Genetics do not matter

Yes they do. Of course hard ass work can overcome genetics but professional athletes are largely genetically gifted. Some of us can train as hard as them and never be 6’3″, 265 with a 4.5 40 yard dash, but we can be a damn impressive physical specimen even if we aren’t as gifted as them.

Those who will allow genetics to be an excuse are the same assholes who yell “STEROIDS!!!” when someone is better than them. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy who doesn’t give a shit about your gene pool and works their ass off anyway. You may just shock yourself.

5. All men and women need to lift.

Ok. This is true. I’ve had enough of seeing rail thin emo kids who look like they are on a heroin bender. We are men dammit. Even if you don’t want to look like Arnold, lifting a few weights won’t kill you.

The same goes for women.

Fitness is our right. It’s one body, one life, one chance to get this physical life right.

Do you want to look like a pasty sack of shit, or do you want to look in the mirror and say, “I’d totally fuck me”. Extreme yes, but if you aren’t exercising in some way you are missing out on some amazing health benefits, not to mention NOT looking like an idiot wearing a sleeveless shirt.


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