Requested blog: What is my passion?

A reader said this:   I read your blog. I like to read things that make me think, laugh, learn, or view anothers’ opinion. Your personality comes out in your comments (meaning the ones between your documented workouts), and your more personal blogs… .which show your sense of humor, the fact you don’t follow the crowd and while you respect other opinions. .you express where you are coming from. I am not a writer, but I love love love to read. I like the way you write…definitely don’t hold back on the humor topics?…fit related with some reality thrown in. What you are passionate about?

Thanks for the compliments on my writing. I try to write as I talk, the same exact way minus the fast talking and the accent. I speak from the heart in most of what I do and I have learned over many years, trials and tribulations, that when I speak from the heart I mean it. I am sarcastic, a smart ass and I can take it just as much as I can dish it out. My clients give it to me as much as I give it to them. Its not uncommon for me to bust their balls during a training session and have them bust mine back. Its not uncommon for them to be a part of my family because I treat them like they ARE my family. I still have clients from years ago who keep in contact with me, share success stories and are lifelong friends. To me, this business is NOT about me, its not about any one trainer, its not about self-promotion, its not about marketing, its about sharing our knowledge with people who want it. Its about changing people from something they don’t like into something they are proud of. We aren’t magicians, we are trainers. We aren’t changing the world, we are changing people’s perception of that world. We aren’t to be put on any pedestal, we are just lifters and coaches. We aren’t to have our asses kissed, we are exactly the same as anyone else. Nobody is making a fortune doing this unless they get lucky, and those are few and far between. We do it to make a living, and its hard ass work. From marketing, program design, the continual hustle to retain clients and to get new ones, the hours spent in the gym, trying to fit training around a busy schedule…

Let me tell you how busy it can be and you tell me if this isn’t a career you better love when you do it.

When I was a PT manager of a gym on Long Island, my schedule was like this:

6AM-10AM – clients every 30 minutes, some were group sessions with 3-4 people per session. Each session had people with different goals and different abilities.

10AM – 12PM – call members, set up appointments, do evaluations

12PM – 1PM – lunch, and you had to eat because the day is too busy to take those 6-meal-per-day breaks.

1PM – 3PM – more phone calls, appointments, evals.

3PM – 4PM – I train. I had to fit my workout in an hour, which isn’t always easy to do.

4PM – 9PM – clients every 30 minutes again.

I had clients ranging from soccer moms, people who never touched a weight in their lives, older men with bad knees, high school athletes, college athletes, pro athletes, 30-something men and lifters.

I found time in all that work to attempt to expand our sports training division by contacting schools, setting up stands at local sporting events and working on marketing for all of it.

In the midst of my busy day and hustling, I had to deal with a gym owner who had zero experience in actual training, but a ton of experience in business. My methods weren’t always popular with him because I didn’t utilize many machines, I wanted my clients to learn how to move, I wanted them to get used to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and bodyweight movements. I wanted them to work to their best capacity and I refused (and still do) to be that trainer who will count reps while they do another set of leg extensions. I am a coach, not a clipboard holder, and that is set in stone.

From the first day I touched a weight until now, it became a huge part of me. It has carried me through good times, bad times, horrible times and amazing times. It has opened doors for me, it has allowed me to meet awesome people and allowed me to expand my passion for lifting into what I enjoy doing the most.

I am passionate about my destination.

Where I am going, the way I am getting there, the act of doing it, the heart I pour into it, the sacrifices I make now to get there. My destination is my own, but my whole life built up into what I am now, what I want to be and where I want to be.

I have made mistakes in my past like anyone else did, I have learned from my errors and I have become a man who loves what he is, loves what he does and I don’t need to sit here on a soapbox and preach about it, show everyone how awesome I think I am or anything like that. I can only just do what I do, live how I live, work how I work and get to where I need to be.


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