Requested Blog: Assistance Lift Variety for the Ashman Strength book

If you have the Ashman Strength System e-book, you will know there are many ways to tackle assistance lifts. A template is provided with a pretty solid list in the Appendix of exercises you can choose from to tackle this system, but some people want to add more variety or do something different which is not in the list.

Or they just don’t know all the extra exercises available to use.

The possibilities are many.

You can choose to go the classic route of using all weights. You can mix it up with gymnastic movements, bodyweight movements, kettlebells or a combination of all of them.

That is dependent upon your goals and how you want to use this template to fit the needs you have as a lifter.

Even as a trainer/coach you should always look for new ways to get your clients to meet their goals, if you don’t have the knowledge to help them; these resources will help you to pick exercises which will not only help them, but help you as well.

EliteFTS exercise index – a very complete list of various exercises done with barbells, dumbbells and bars you can find for sale on EFS.

Military/Mountain Athlete  – a sick collection of various bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, sandbags and various drills you can utilize in this system or with conditioning.

Are these both a comprehensive list? Most likely not. There are other resources available to choose from but do require some hunting on search engines. For most of what you will need, you can find them on those two websites.

Using my book, the list in the Appendix and these two resources WILL give you almost infinite possibilities for years of training progress.

To buy the book visit – and pick it up.

Wayne writes: 2.5 weeks in and I’ve had a 2RM PR on bench along with a 3RM PR on back squat.

Andy says: Monday and Tuesday were my first block 3 days, and it totally blasted me. The high rep lower weight during the accessory work really builds up the lactate acid and has exposed some deficiencies of mine. Drywall was right when he said these workouts will tax you if you stick to the rest periods, aka follow the fucking program

Results are there…


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