Random Rainy Thursday Thoughts

Why is it that the most out-of-shape people judge your lifestyle the most?

I have been looked at with disgust when going out to eat with people who don’t watch what they eat, I have been laughed at when ordering a club soda at the bar by “friends” and I wonder why that is?

Part of me wants to say its “hating”, but I am not that idiot to sit there and say “haters” when someone disagrees with me. I am not that self-absorbed to think people care about what I do with my life and how I live.

I think its laziness and disgust with themselves more than anything. They don’t either have the knowledge or the willpower to go ahead and make those changes, and its really a shame.

A lot of times we put ourselves on a pedestal when we aren’t any better than them, we just channel our energies into something else. Sometimes we forget where we came from and that someone had to tell us the same things we want to tell them.

This world is ripe with stories of people going from fat to fit and you may have been one of them. You may have been that weak guy who is now strong, that 300 pound man who is now 10% bodyfat or that size 18 woman who is now a size 4.

But instead you will see a host of insecure men and women ripping into that lifestyle online when in fact we may have been a part of it in the past.

There’s a saying and it holds true in our case as well, “there’s nothing worse than a reformed alcoholic”. Pretty easy to figure out, oftentimes the most judgmental people are the ones who came from that lifestyle.

You are going to get mocked at times, you are going to get looked at strangely, but that’s life. When it comes to your small circle of family and friends you can be a positive influence on them without being a narcissistic idiot. Invite them for a hike and you pack the lunch. Show them how easy it is to eat healthy by cooking with them. You don’t need to throw them into the fire by bringing them to the gym, most people aren’t ready for big steps, they need to see small changes to build confidence.

The next time you feel judged for you lifestyle, remember what you may have felt like when you weren’t the way you are now. You needed guidance, you needed help. You can’t help everyone, but you can help someone. And it isn’t always about money, it can be about walking the walk, talking to them as someone who really cares, pick your battles wisely… it won’t be the woman behind you in the checkout line with a cart full of shit food, it will be your co-worker who you eat lunch with, it will be your brother or sister, it will be your friend.

Pay it forward today, give someone the gift that you received once and don’t do it for the money, do it because you want to.


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