A little about me

If you read this blog you know about my basic philosophies on training, you may also have an idea as to what kind of person I am. Here’s some more to whet your insatiable desires to know more, all 3 of you:

1. I was invited to an all-state traveling team tryout as a soccer goalie as a kid. An Achilles tendon injury prevented me from making the team.

2. I grew up in an urban area. As a kid I played street hockey in the actual street and basketball under the lights at various playgrounds in my city.

3. I am a beach bum at heart. The sounds of the ocean are the one thing in nature that I crave.

4. I got stuck in a cave as a teen while exploring some underground passages with a friend, thus developed claustrophobia.

5. In my opinion, living in the city is far superior than country living. Isolation isn’t for me. I would rather have neighbors all around me than have to drive 30 minutes to get groceries.

6. I am driven solely by my heart. If I feel it, I act on it with conviction. It’s the one thing in life that sets us apart as a species. To deny that is to deny what we are.

7. I like hardcore, punk, rockabilly, old school hip hop and Johnny Cash. I don’t classify Cash as country. He’s too cool for country.

8. I think the internet is the best and worst thing to ever happen to the fitness business. It creates a false sense of self importance while at the same time allows you to expand your services to those that need it. The line is fine.

9. I root for the underdog in life. I always want to see the shy kid get better, the bad athlete and the “geek”. As a team coach I have specifically worked harder with the worst athletes to build their confidence and their skills. The stars will be stars, it’s the ones that need help who often don’t get it. I never forget them and never will.

10. New York pizza has no peers. Period. Don’t even argue this point. Chicago pizza isn’t true pizza, it’s a different class of pie.

11. One person’s death scared me from ever trying hard drugs. Len Bias. To this day I have never, and will never, try them.

That’s a little taste of some mildly personal info to give you a little better taste of what makes me tick.

Now, go get stronger; both inside and out.


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