Rainy days and random thoughts

Today is a miserable, rainy day in Northeast Ohio.

If you live in this area you know how the weather can change from one hour to the next rather quickly.

Days like this make me think of nothing but sun, sand

and random stuff…

I train people part-time, I have a full-time day job. All my blog posts, my clients, my book writing and my online client work is done on my free time that most 9-5’ers spend sitting on their ass in front of the TV.

I consider myself a workhorse in that respect, I don’t have time to pepper social networking sites with re-posts of blogs from a month ago, I don’t have the time to research the way I would like to and most of what I write comes from experience and from the 20 years I have spent in gyms, around gyms and with some of the best lifters, best coaches and best athletes around.

I consider myself lucky with that. I’ve had the opportunity to see some truly strong men lift, ask them questions and watch how they work. I’ve had the chance to talk one on one with amazing strength coaches, lifters and trainers over the years, both in person and on the phone. I never hesitated to ask questions and never turned down someone who was willing to teach me.

I’ve battled through a torn hamstring, a back so twisted up that bending over to untie my shoe was impossible, pinched my sciatic nerve several times and now a torn bicep which is healing rather well. During all of those injuries my FIRST thought was always “when can I start playing rugby/lifting heavy again?”

The first.

I’m not wired to give up and I’ve seen better men than I live with worse pain that I can imagine.

So I forge on and part of what I do with my clients is that I will NEVER give them something that I haven’t done for myself at some point in my lifting life.

If I can’t see how it works for me, I can’t accurately judge how it will work for them.

I can read all the research in the world, but I am a very active learner. I learn by doing and implementing with myself. I consider myself joe average in the gym who busted his damn ass to get to where he wanted to be. I didn’t rely on drugs, I didn’t rely on a team of people helping me, I did it alone for the most part and there isn’t any reason to change my approach to things now.

So I test, I apply, I experiment and I grow both physically and mentally.

I listen to those who are better than me, stronger than me and have more letters behind their names that they paid thousands to get. I will ask the researchers, the science lovers and the strength coaches that approach training with a research-type eye. This way I can apply it and see how it works for my blue-collar, in your face approach.

I can never change my style, but I can adapt, I can learn. Staying static in your knowledge means you are nothing more than a stubborn man who is unwilling to roll with the punches.

The only way to truly be good at what you do is to continue learning from anyone who is willing to offer sound knowledge.

Its also your duty to be that guy when people ask questions to offer up the same courtesy you received from others.

Learn, apply and pass the knowledge along to educate the next generation of lifters and coaches.

That’s what its all about essentially.

Yes, I am still using this horrific banner. It has grown on me like a bad rash…

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Ch Ch Check it


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