Sadism, pain, punishment and addictions

We are sadists, we are masochists, we like pain and we like to punish ourselves.

Don’t think because you lift that you don’t have an addiction to that. We all have addictive personalities. Its what makes us push ourselves to the point of shit ripping in our bodies, of sweat pouring off of us and of the feeling of massive muscle failure.

That addictive personality is what also allows us to eat the same shit every single day while people around us gorge on crap food without a care in the world.

One of my hobbies and quirks is the human mind and what makes us tick.

Now I am no Psych major, I am just fascinated by certain things. It always intrigues me to know what makes us tick as far as pushing ourselves to the extreme limits of human tolerance.

And that could mean in any area of life. If you ever read about serial killers and read what they said about their crimes, they say it in such a disturbing matter of fact tone, that to them its almost normal to feel that way. They describe the horror of what they did in the same tone as your neighbor may discuss how his pet poodle pissed on the rug.

People like us (lifters, to change the path here – don’t get this shit mixed up) are different to the average population. We all know people in the gym who go through the motions. We all know people that never touched a weight in their lives. We aren’t like that.

When people say “bro, you are huge/strong/ripped” whatever… we see flaws, we see weak points, we see improvements that need to be made.

We see an imperfect vision, a flawed performance. Its like the coach that hardly celebrates a win in the biggest game of the year because all he can think about is that one bad play from early in the game.

We are wired different.

Rather than try to explain to other people why we do what we do, because that discussion is going to be futile, trust me, I’ve had that discussion with many, just go about your business and do work.

Just embrace the fact that we are twisted.

What sane person pushes weight that most people can’t even fathom lifting? What sane person spends 2 hours a day in the gym doing rep after rep? What sane person will prep meals on a Sunday for the week and have the food variety of a newborn baby? What sane person tears muscles, rips tendons and then still lifts?

We do. We are fucked up people, but its my kind of fucked up people.

Stay twisted, stay addicted.



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