Hiking and perspective on this world of ours

I took some time today to head for a solo hike in one of Lake County’s parks. Lake County Metroparks does an excellent job with hiking trails and creating parks for people to enjoy, so in my time here why not take advantage of what they have to offer?

I asked around for some good ones to go to since I am woefully ignorant of most things Ohio, I had a few suggestions, did some Google searching on those and chose one based on location and also the cool name.

Hell Hollow.

I half expected to go there and see some sort of “Cabin in the Woods” type shit (which would have been both awesome and insanely horrible) but it was just a beautiful trail far enough away from everything where I was the only person there at this time.

Exactly what I wanted, and as it turned out needed.

My life has been hectic, 38 years has gone by where I lived a very full life and I have finally become comfortable in my own skin as of the last couple years. I learned a lot, suffered through some bad times and grew into the man I am today.

Walking through this trail I was in silence except for the sounds of the wind, birds, seeing the occasional squirrel scatter, seeing a couple chipmunks (not the stupid singing ones). At the end of the basic trail there was a fence protecting the foolish people from falling down a steep hill into a creek, after that I saw steps that led down to the creek.

As I was walking down I wasn’t thinking much except that this is going to be a shitty walk back up.

At the bottom you could look up and see the hills, the creek, the woods I was in and hear nothing except the sounds of what was around you.

No cars, no cell phone service, nothing.

Of course the horror movie fan in me kept thinking there has to be a catch, I kept waiting for some crazed redneck to pop out from behind something with a machete, luckily I had my Emerson Karambit with me, eh?

But, that wasn’t to happen… what was to happen was me sitting on a fallen tree, above the creek. I sat there for about 30 minutes and just took in everything around me, I enjoyed the total solitude and my mind invariably reflected on things, as minds tend to do when surrounded by silence.

If you are reading this, chances are you are a part of my world in some degree of separation. You are a coach, you are a lifter, you are a trainer, you are a dude/woman trying to shape your body into something better.

What we do on the exterior is temporary, we will all grow old one day. We will make money, we will lose money. We will find new friends, we will lose old ones. We will move into a new house or apartment and have to part with memories of the old one. We will bury our parents and god forbid you ever have to bury a child. We will change jobs, change careers, the possibilities are numerous.

We are a small cog in the machine of life, no matter what we do, how important we think we are, how “big” you think you are, when we disappear from this world, we are largely forgotten about because there is always someone ready to take our place. Attention and praise is temporary, winning comes and goes, what matters is what you do with your life to make it better for the world you are living in, the world you want to live in or the world you belong in.

When you sit back, take all the world in around you and realize just how large it really is, and how small we really are in it, what else is there to realize but that?

We live our lives connected to millions of people by this screen you are reading this off of, this makes our small world seem larger when in reality it is still the same size as before, it just appears to be different.

I left those woods relaxed, serene and with perspective.

And of course, driving home (the long way) I came across a moo… I just had to snap a pic of this guy.


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