A.S.S. e-book – a common question

What makes this program different from others isn’t just the way its laid out, its also the choices you have with regards to setting up your exercises.

You have freedom with this book to cut and paste lifts based upon YOUR weaknesses and what you need to progress even further in strength and physique.

Just like no two programs will work exactly the same for two people, there isn’t any point in cookie-cuttering (is that a word) up a program to throw at you. You have some control over this within this book.

This leaves several options:

  • Ride out a specific lift until progress stalls and switch it up
  • Take 2-3 lifts (per group) and cycle them as per your standards
  • Complete randomness as long as it falls within the template

I can tell you that I take the random route. I do that because I am currently not training specifically for anything and that works for me. If I was to do a meet, that would change.

If I was training for a strength bias I would cycle squats, 3ct pause squats and safety squat bar squats through the squat days and then modify slightly as per needed with progress.

This may seem confusing if you haven’t read the book, but once you read it and refer back to this blog post, it will all come together like a Hannibal Smith plan.

The point of this program is to give the lifter a framework to work with, the exercise order and frequency allows for both volume and recovery. Its a fine line to tread but it works.

Check out the book for more details and if this answers a question you may have, its a win.

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Touch the vascular arm for the purchase page


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