Rants, raves and a TERRIBLE banner I made

What better way to draw some attention to my book than to made an amateurish-looking banner to advertise it at the end of my blog posts? Read on to see the shitshow of hilarity this is…

If you are one of the lucky people (all 3 of you) that follow my blog, you know my disdain in general for fitness marketing and my general lack of decorum in writing about my chosen topic.

I swear, I don’t accept the “status quo”, I don’t fall into line and play the company line… yet I still do pretty well just like that.

There is a lack of telling it as it is in the fitness industry that seems to take a backseat to just going with the flow.

Well this I don’t go with the flow… sure I lift, I eat somewhat decent, but I will always be that guy to shoot from my hip (at least in my blog where I have my own platform).

I happened to come across this online today, from a blog post, and I will proceed to inject my public opinion into it.

Non-CrossFit shirts seem “normal” or boring, or safe and unwilling to try. Shirts that might as well say “I accept the sucky status quo.” Or “I gave up trying long ago.” Or “I’m okay with mediocre.

Ok, this was written by a very popular CrossFit blogger, what is wrong with saying something like this?

That is the equivalent of me saying I will only wear shirts that say “Inzer”, “House of Pain”, “Iron Asylum”, etc. on it because I refuse to accept mediocrity as well.

I mean if you think a shirt tells the world you are a winner, it better be a damn shirt you got when you were a member of the US Olympic team. Not something you can buy for 29.99 online.

Gym clothing doesn’t make the winner, attitude does. You can wear a damn burlap sack to the gym and if you busting your ass, hitting some squats, cranking out some sprints or deadlifting more iron than what’s left of Bethlehem Steel, you are winning.

If you show up with Adidas lifting shoes, Rehband sleeves and shorts, a sweet new “check out my snatch shirt” (which gets REAL old fast), and are half-assing it… you are losing.

I know most of us will agree with this, but why can’t some people get that through their heads that it doesn’t matter where you lift, what you chose to do in the gym or what clothing you wear. You can be in your garage with a rack, bar and some 45’s. You can be in the local CrossFit gym doing another set of cleans. You can be in the globo gym waiting for a rack to open up so you can do 10 sets of triples.

The lifter, the person, the attitude makes you not mediocre… not a damn shirt.

Without further adieu, here is my 4th grade art project manifested into a cheesy ad banner for my awesomely reviewed book.

So bad its good, kind of like Toxic Avenger
Click the vein to learn how to get one

What’s the lesson in this?

The day I take myself too seriously is the day I leave this business behind.

Lift hard, get better and for the love of god… have fun.


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