What my football girls do in season on a “leg day”

Right now the Cleveland Fusion Women’s Professional FB team is undefeated.

Yes, Cleveland actually has ONE winning team, just one.

Leave it to a crew of psychotic women who prefer wearing pads and helmets.

Can they beat the Browns, no, but they would give them a run for their money… maybe

Their season is in full swing, so to avoid burnout from practice, games and the partying they do after each game (and yes, athletes do tend to let loose), the load is lessened to maintenance mode and critical areas of mobility.

I work with mostly line(wo)men. Go figure, as if I fit the mold of a sleek, agile running back.

In the offseason they were following my program (as in the e-book) albeit tweaked for a sports performance edge.

During the season, the template is dramatically reduced in volume and intensity.


Tonight’s workout consisted of:

Warmups – what gets you mobile and loose, I don’t care if you do Agile 8, Slippery 7, Sexy 6 or the Mobility WOD. Fucking pick something.

Box Squats: 5×3 at about 8.5 RPE. I don’t work on percentages, I work on feel. If you need more info on the RPE method, you need to Google it and learn.

Why box squats? The girls are beat up, achy joints and some have had recent knee surgeries. My job isn’t to necessarily have them hit PR’s in-season when they are getting into legal riots, my job is to keep their strength levels up. A PR is a nice bonus for an in-season collision sport.

Light Leg Curls: 3×15

Getting the blood flowing

Band pullaparts and other mobility shit for the shoulders. Various sets and reps. Upper body is on another day, but I want to keep these girls with some healthy shoulders from all the pushing and shoving they have to do. Nothing sucks worse for an athlete that has limited mobility in lower OR upper.

45 degree extensions: 2×15 with bodyweight only

Planks on a bosu ball for added suck

Simple, direct to the point.

No frills, no fluff and in-season isn’t the time to get fancy. There are days we work with just medicine balls, some days we do bodyweight only, but its all done with a purpose to keep them healthy, mobile and strong for the grueling season.

And if you think girls don’t hit hard, think again…

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