The RARE Progress pics and some reality

I have prided myself on being one of the more honest dudes in a shady ass business that sells half-truths, stolen programs, other people’s ideas and doesn’t give you the whole story behind people’s success.

I can tell you right now, you don’t need a gram a week of test, you don’t need to cycle gear, you don’t need to train for 2 hours a day and you don’t need to do 9 working sets of squats at 80% of your 1RM to see results with my system.

Don’t get me wrong, you will work hard, but its not designed for a “user”, its designed for everyone. Sure, you can be on shit and do well, but most of my testers (and clients for that matter) are drug-free and proud…. even if their coach isn’t.

Yep, I said it… I am not drug-free. What you expected a lie? You expected me to dance around the issue? That isn’t me… but being that I talked about it, let me give you a little backstory…

First I want you to out-click HERE and read first…. done? Good… I wrote that in 2007 before most of you were on the net searching for strength training programs. I didn’t even have a blog then, I was training people in gyms, working a full-time job and doing my thing without keeping a webpage.

Plus, my writing style sucked. I sounded like an unrefined high school kid, hell I read that and want to slap the old me for sounding like a moron.

That is the MySpace days.

Since then I have left the world of AndroGel (basically it was a waste and an insurance nightmare) and have since been PRESCRIBED injections, which are MONITORED for blood work and done in a manner to keep my levels at a high/normal rate. Which means, ethically, I call myself a user even if it is done within normal levels, completely legal and covered by my awesome insurance.

Its nice to have a clear conscience because you do the right thing, isn’t it?

I also work a full-time day job, hence my awesome insurance.

I work one night a week as a bouncer. Why? The money is too good where I am at, that’s why.

I train people part-time and I have a pretty full slate of online clients.

Where is this all leading? You will find out…

My diet is what you call “average”.

Many days I skip breakfast and live on protein shakes or the occasional meat lunch as well. I will sell my soul for an extra 30 seconds sleep in the morning and suck ass at food prep.

Pre-workout is a shake with some powdered speed like product called a pre-workout. You may have heard of it.

Post workout I usually try to eat healthy, but if its a late night with clients, all bets are off because I really hate cooking at 10PM. Let’s just say that my diet planning needs some time management, I am fully aware of that, and god forbid when I do dial it in, shit will be spectacular.

Ok, you have the stage set…

I am on TRT, I am 38 (let’s face it, if you are past 35 you NEED TO GET CHECKED), I work a ton, I eat slightly better than average but still prone to bouts of fat-fuckery, and I train 4 days a week… religiously.

I am busy, I am not some full time “coach” who has all sorts of free time to train 2 times a day (while using the other time to figure out how to sell more shit online). I don’t live in a gym… I have a full plate of food with a little fork (think about it).

I follow my OWN program I am selling to you, I have followed it for over a year with the only deviation being using another program for a few weeks and enjoying mine better… why? Because its my baby, I am a coach, I pride myself on being a great program designer and I am pretty damn sure my clients would agree.

I do cardio rarely, I hate it and I need to stop hating it. I would like to live a little longer than 50 and I know that by doing more cardio I will increase those chances.

And don’t give me the lifting weights faster stuff, let’s be real… slow cardio AND HIIT training are both needed. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t worth shit as a coach, and I quite frankly tired of the HIIT Jedi’s. They need to go away like the HIT Jedi’s from the 90’s. Same cult, different name.

I take progress pics of myself, and I NEVER posted them until now.

I hate attention, the net world has enough of the attention getters for me to give a shit about trying to elbow my way in to it… but I am now.


I have a book to sell and you want to see how I look after months of using it before I release this manifesto of swole into the marketplace.

Let’s look at a before (and yes they are selfies, I don’t have a damn camera crew following me around):

Strong, big, little shape
Strong, big, little shape

Here is the before. Around the late spring of 2012.I am a big guy, about 270, but do I look jacked and swole? Nope, just big and strong.

Its not a look I wanted, so shit had to change. Then came my development of the book I am going to be selling you for the awesome price of 20 bucks.

Fast forward about 8-9 months later:

More swole, leaner, same weight.. WIN!
More swole, leaner, same weight.. WIN!

I have a tan, I am leaner, I am more muscular, I have more shape… sorry, no 6-pack. Like I said, my diet is dialing wrong numbers at times so unless I start to really get that part together, I will just be a big lean man… well, there could be worse things to be.

But, legs?

I am not showing underwear pics here, screw that, but I do have a nice one of me in my Pain and Gain Day Spandex (ignore the arm brace as I am still rehabbing the torn bicep):


Quads and a brace
Quads and a brace

I have dropped a little weight because I can’t train as I want to, being that I am rehabbing, but damn those quads are looking solid.

Three words, and this is ZERO bullshit:




Is it a magic pill? Hell no, its work, its hard, its a program… that magic pill is inside of you and the book will be a tool that will help you be stronger, leaner, more jacked and it will encourage you to hit a tanning bed to show off that jacked and tan you.

Don’t believe me?

That’s your problem. I put my honesty on front street and the only real thing that changed from the before to the after is the program.

Sure I cleaned up my eating some, but nothing earth-shaking. I don’t take more than what I am prescribed and its been the same dosage for the past 7 years… yes, SEVEN YEARS. Find some other coach willing to put their medical history and usage history on the block, go ahead, try.

All I changed was implementing my own book, exactly as I wrote it and doing it.

Results weren’t blazing fast, but they came. After all, I have been doing stuff in the gym since I was a kid, so no gain will come easy. Plus I am 6’3″, do you know how hard it is for a guy my height to pack on quality mass? Look at a bodybuilding stage and tell me how many of them are above 6’2″.

That’s what I thought.

The book will be out next week.



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