Another ASS Book testimonial from an infamous “circuit training” writer

I post on one webboard, its IGX.

If you know what it is, you are blessed, if you don’t know, well you should find out.

The cross between IGX, me and the next testimonial is quite interesting, as it came from me verbally wanting to choke him for daring to be hypocritical about talking trash on crossfit while training at a crossfit gym.

In my world, if you don’t like something, you don’t give it money, so hence started the “disdain to friendship” story.

Yes, we are friendly now, in fact I trusted him so much as a person I allowed him to edit my book (along with another Jason Ashman who is a KB guy in Canada). Hey with a name like Jason Ashman, how the hell can we NOT find each other.

Hey, he wrote one of the most popular, and linked, crossfit blogs around. As much as I hate crossfit (in general) is as much as I know solid writing when I see it.

So without further adieu, one of the original testers of the ASS book.

Its profane, I don’t edit, so be aware this man may actually curse more than me:

“Your only contribution to the world of exercise is a blog that makes fun of @fit. Its not rocket science, so enjoy your 15 minutes.”
-Jay Ashman
IronGarm Couch Thread, May 23, 2011

“I would love to meet drywall, just to slap him like the @fit bitch he is.”
-Jay Ashman
IronGarm Couch Thread, July 23, 2011

“Again, fuck Drywall.”
-Jay Ashman

IronGarm Couch Thread, July 18, 2011

It was during these moments that I realized Jay Ashman and I were destined to become best friends. Online.

My background with fitness is pretty typical. I never lifted growing up, but after college I got sick of being a skinny fucking pussy. So I joined a gym and started bro-lifting (i.e. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.) Lots of bench, back, bi’s and tri’s; no structure, no plan, I just 3×8’d the fuck out of everything I saw other dumbasses doing. For years. My upper-body got non-cunty but still had that skinny pussy lower half to go with it. I loved lifting, but I knew jack shit.

Then I found CrossFit, where I became more well-rounded with my lifts – squats, deadlifts, kipping, etc. Like riding a Vespa, that shit was fun as fuck. I saw some gains initially, but after a while those gains slowed and I remembered that cardio fucking sucks. Also, group exercise. lol. I’m anti-social as fuck and just wanted my me time in the gym back.

Time to focus on what I actually love doing: non-bitch strength work. Problem is, most strength templates are cookie-cutter and I wanted something I could personalize. But I know dick about strength programming. Well, Jay Ashman’s got some sweet fucking traps, and clearly he loves me, so I’ll just see if that motherfucker has any advice.

He sent me a rough draft. I helped edit. Dem grammar lulz. I fix that shit real nice. Then my traps tripled in size.

The Ashman Strength System is legit as fuck. Shit’s totally customizable within the framework, so you can use your brain like an adult, do some research, and tweak things to address your own pussy weaknesses. None of that “do what every other ham and egger is doing” bullshit. And throw away your fucking calculators you nerdy motherfuckers. Just pick up some weight and listen to what your body is telling you. Then enjoy dem gainz…

tl;dr – Sick of being a fucking weakling? Buy this book.

He has since left the world of overly-metconning his face off and participates in tested PL meets.

Welcome back to earth, Drywall.


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6 thoughts on “Another ASS Book testimonial from an infamous “circuit training” writer

    1. It will be up next week for sure. The guy doing the formatting is putting final touches on, I’m setting up all the e-commerce myself through PayPal and it will be next week. Subscribe and you’ll get notified as soon as its up

      Thanks man!!

  1. +1 for supreme hard work and dedication devoted to doing something that is horribly time consuming and generally sucks (I know- I’m writing a thesis right now)….. and for (embracing and) refusing to budge off the name “ASS Training Book”.

    +2 for giving me props for my super-quality editing. 🙂

    1. Thank you. You and Drywall will both be immortalized in ebook form as editors. Thank you both for making my work sound more professional.


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