Final damn stages

After almost a year of work, procrastination and multiple edits, the e-book is in the final stages of completion.

It is formatted into a sweet pdf book, I am working on setting up a PayPal Commerce link to purchase it and the low price will be 20 bucks.

Why 20?

Because I am a hell of a man and I don’t believe in gouging the people for a 50 page ebook that I won’t give away for free.

With this you get no free bonuses, no videos, no exercise charts telling you shit you already know and no cheesy ass conditioning guide for circuit training exercises Jane Fonda did in 1933.

If you buy it and it changes the way you look at training, makes you stronger and makes you look in the mirror and get turned on at yourself; I consider that a win and you should consider it 20 bucks well spent.

If you are one of my 15 regular readers (give or take a couple) you will know my style, my insistence upon strength AND looking pretty, my hammering home the basics and my previous writings (over the last year plus) about how bodybuilding will help you with regards to strength down the line.

Stay tuned, more testimonials are coming up with the release of the book… from real people who wanted results. Real people who got results and people who stuck with it months later.

For a couple, check out the ASS Book page. I suck at getting testimonials because I believe half of what I read online and very little of what I see unless my own two eyes see it, but I know a lot of you froth at the mouth to read them, so I will oblige you with some more to give you a small taste of it.

The rest is up to you, you can trust me, spend 20 bucks and see if it works for you… or you can wonder, guess and think about how damn swole you could be.

Stay tuned. Countdown is one week from today tops.


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