Marketing by A.S.S. 101

Let’s talk some real, unadulterated shit right now.

I am not a marketing guru, my man Chris McCombs is. I am just a guy that learned my own methods by trial and error for what worked for me.

I admit, a few years ago I got caught in the whole internet-as-legend hype. I was all over twitter and facebook, pimping myself out like a maniac, acting like a big shot. While in reality, although I had a pretty full client base, it was not one bit influenced by anything to do with any sort of social media nonsense.

My clients were people I hustled from doing leg work, local shit, word of mouth. The online world was just extra exposure for me. That was clarified in even greater detail when I dropped from that world for about 8-10 months and witnessed first hand just how meaningless that world can be.

I saw people build a business based upon nothing BUT internet marketing, slick acting and had no substance to it whatsoever. It turned me off hard to that world because people are gullible. They believe the hype, they WANT to be conned and even if it has nothing backing it up, they will still believe it.

There will always be people to follow, programs to worship and icons to bow down to. But you can transcend all of that and become something that is beyond an icon, you can become the go to man in your town for people to come to.

I came back to the online training world with the self-promise to stick to my ideals. There is a few basic concepts I follow:

  • ALWAYS be yourself, even if that means alienating people.

You will not please everyone, like everyone or even care about everyone. Let’s face that right now. We are human. The worst thing to do is sit back and try to make everyone happy online with blog posts, etc. Be yourself first and foremost and if you are going to write an  potentially volatile blog post, make sure you back it up with facts that aren’t something to do with what works for you and not thousands of others.

  • Nobody likes spam

Nobody. I post my articles once, they are automatically fed by a Facebook app and a twitter publishing tool here. If you read them the first time, great. If not, look at the archives or maybe one of your “friends” will share them across social media and you can pick it up on the news feed the other way. I have a personal aversion to repetitive posting of shit. Call me old school, but its like when a telemarketer calls your house every day for a week. After a few days you are ready to drive there, rip the phone out of the wall and bash them with it.

  • Don’t take on a controversial topic JUST to create controversy unless its backed up by real live shit

If you can back it up with some science, by all means, fire. But if you are speaking from something that worked for you only, you are a dope.

Like this idiot right here, and I am ballsy enough to call him out by link to his site because he actually believes this shit he wrote despite numerous mounds of evidence against his stupidity.

He replies in the comments with a plethora of awesomeness when all science and training fact pretty much say:


  • Create business by word of mouth, social networking will NOT build a business

When I talked with a well-known strength coach a couple years ago, who will go unnamed, he said “if I was as popular in my town as I was on the internet, my gym would be filled”. He is one of the most well-known strength coaches in history. He has a gym that is NOT his primary source of income. Of course he is legendary enough to rely on other methods of income, but NOBODY alive today (especially in the under 35 generation) is going to have the type of impact this man had. So build a local business, DOMINATE YOUR TOWN, change fucking lives and they will bring in friends, family, co-workers and you will only have to rely on book sales, tee-shirt sales and other online stuff to have additional income.

Let’s face it, the online world is a 15 minute ordeal. The flavor of the day runs out quick. Before you know it, a new breed comes along with some new ideas, a new program, a new website and your sales die off slowly… if you do NOT tackle local business with the rage it deserves, you will be on the outside looking in.

Seminars are one thing, if you are doing those, you are going to have to advertise unless you want empty seats, but if you are attempting to gather clients up using social media, you are dumb. Joe Blow in Idaho who may love all your updates and blog posts isn’t going to travel to Texas to give you 300 bucks a month just because he loves you. All he will do is read your shit and maybe buy a shirt once every 4 months. That isn’t business, that is a popularity contest.

Build a business first, popularity comes and goes. Local stays with you, that is where you walk into the supermarket and some random person recognizes you from the gym. That is where the client you helped drop 50 pounds brags about you to her family and invites you to their kid’s graduation party, where they will SURELY tell everyone there, “this is my trainer”.

Boom, dozens of prospects just by changing a single fucking life and none of it was because of a post on the internet.

Don’t believe me?

Try it, I did… shit works.



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3 thoughts on “Marketing by A.S.S. 101

  1. From a consumer point of view, I agree with “local stays with you”. I would have never thought of looking for help with weight training online if not for where I work and lack the word of mouth possiblities. Hell I joined Facebook in 2007 and used it maybe 6 times a year. Started using it daily now that I work overseas and will drop down to nil when I move back to the USA this year.
    How do you trust someone from the Internet? For me, the more hype and internet marketing they do…the less chance I will deal with them. Which is just the opposite of word of mouth locally.
    While it may not be the way to build a business, and is definitely not my first or even second choice to find help with what I am trying to do, it is still possible to help someone who, like me, has limited local access and appreciates the help I do find. 🙂

  2. I just realized I contraindicated myself in my earlier reply…The more hype and internet marketing they do, the less chance I will deal with them. Which is similar to word of mouth locally. 🙂
    And yeah, there are hundreds online and it was not easy. I came up with a list of things I look for that has helped me clear the weeds, that so far has helped 🙂
    I really liked your view on building a business.


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