Constantly improve yourself both inside and out, that is what it means

Means to be what?

“Alpha” perhaps. Seems everyone loves that word, so let’s run with that.

What defines life for you? It is material goods, is it what you acquire, is it the adoration of “fans”, is it walking with your head held high or is it a combination of everything?

I admit, there were many times I blamed life’s shortcomings on others when I could have looked in the mirror and blamed myself for allowing other people to get to me that way. We probably have all done it and that comes from immaturity and being arrogant.

I moved to Ohio and the path here has been rocky at times. From that rocky path I learned a lot about myself, what I value, what I love and where I belong. I grew up dramatically, I learned what I want and I have the strength to fight for it.

What makes us grow is the ability to recognize flaws in our approach, adapt to them and want to change them to grow. Whether that is with lifting, sports or life, growth only comes from humility and taking enough steps away from the light, into some darkness, and finding out how to return to the light. That may not make sense, but success comes from failing. If you never truly fail, you will never know what its like to take the chance to really succeed.

Its hard to grow when all you know is winning. Let’s face it, you get complacent, you coast and you feel as if you are invincible.

Some of the greatest stories in life have been comebacks, people who overcame things to want to drive themselves to bigger heights and those who have conquered themselves to achieve what makes them truly go after what they want.

You won’t stay on top forever, everyone falls, and when that fall comes what are you going to do?

Pick yourself up, have a plan of attack, and get the hell back to winning ways.



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