If you look online, as most of us do

Since you are reading this, you are online.

If you are online, there’s a good chance you read other things about lifting, lifters and other blogs.

If you sift through all the idol worship, the asinine comments men (and women) make, the follower mentality, the puffed up ego filled chests and the information; you will find what you are looking for in the strength world.

You will find a program that works for you, or a conglomeration of programs… after all the best program is called consistency. Many work, many have people who scream about how great the program is, but its all about what you feel works for you regardless of the peanut gallery.

You will find a reason to compete or not compete. You don’t have to, many lifters are content with being stronger, in better shape and enjoying the progress without the need to compete. That doesn’t make you any better or worse than anyone who does compete, as long as you are doing this for you, its all that really matters now isn’t it?

Its not alpha or beta to either compete or not compete, its just something you do.

Competition doesn’t define you, if it does define you as a man/woman, you better be getting paid some serious ass money, and I don’t mean a few hundred bucks for best lifter either. Nobody makes a killing off of lifting, its a hobby, its a niche sport, but its enjoyable and most do it because they love it, not for the rewards.

Hell, coming from me this is pretty funny because I LOVE to compete. I played sports, competed in strength sports and enjoyed every second of them. Not once do I regret any of it even when I got hurt. I was intense, I played to win but I supported anyone who lifted against me and helped when I could. Now, at 38, my competition days are few and far between, especially when rehabbing a bicep, and I am taking a new direction in my training towards trying out bodybuilding…


For me, I could care less what others thing and others do. I don’t look at other competitors and try to chase them, I am chasing myself, I compete for myself, I win for me, I lose for me and I hold my head high being proud of what I accomplished because I did it for my own reasons.

Find your own reason to compete, and if you choose not to, you are still more driven than the man who refuses to get off the couch to improve his health. That makes you what you are, it betters you life… with or without the need to chase others.



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