Pain and Gain day

Our little subculture of swole doesn’t have much in Hollywood we can call our own.

Pumping Iron… and what else?


I don’t mean bit parts of movies, I don’t mean scenes in a gym, I mean movies centered around people like us.

Today is a swole-fest of epic proportions for us meatheads, lifters, gym rats and roid heads (you know everyone assumes you are on, so fuck it).

I want to see people in the gym training bis and tris, I want to see people in the streets wearing Zubaz, I want to see some T. Michael shit at the gym, I want to see old school Razor Blade sunglasses with spaghetti strapped yellow as piss tank tops emblazoned with Gold’s Gym Venice across the front.

You may take this lifestyle seriously, but have a little fun with yourself and embrace the inner caricature people think we are.

For once, today… CURL IN THE SQUAT RACK! Do tricep kickbacks! Cable crossovers! Grunt loudly, walk with an imaginary lat spread! Do leg extensions and some standing leg curls! Dammit, just bring it back to the inner meathead.

After that, grab a protein shake, talk for an hour about how pumped your chest is brah, and go see “Pain and Gain”.

This day is about us for chrissakes!

April 26 is now the day of the swole. Get your NO products on and go get em.



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