Old Jay and the New Jay

Driving home last night late at night I was ravenously hungry. I was 40 minutes from my place, I just finished up training my clients and it was a low carb day.

No, I am not keto, I am not Atkins, I am not Carb-nite, I am also not Carb back-loading.

I am Carb Cycling.

As I was traveling the dark, gloomy roads; some scattered lights dotted the landscape, bright as the sun, plain as day.

Lights such as:



Taco Bell

Steak and Shake

Burger King

Torturous, blinding lights tempting me saying silently, “Jay, its cool, you need the calories, you didn’t eat much yet today, you can get back on track tomorrow”.

I admit the pull was severe for all I wanted to do was slam down a vanilla milkshake like a fat man at a carnival, but no, I resisted.

The old Jay would slap the new Jay, no question. The old Jay was not worried as much about body composition and overall health, but more worried about being as strong as he could be. The new Jay wants strength, symmetry, size, shape and dare I say this word:

Wait for it…


A dirty ass word by many in the strength world who train for strength exclusively. Not by all, but by some.

I want it all, or at least a good portion of it all and the only way for me to do that is to mentally shutdown the old Jay and create a new Jay.

So the new Jay drove his ass home, cooked food, ate it and was happy knowing he shutdown another tragic situation of shoveling some processed hamburger meat and a damn tasty shake down his throat.

Now that I mention it, I still want that damn milkshake.’

What’s the point of this self-indulgent, who-gives-a-shit-what-I-ate blog?

Besides my crafty weaved tale of almost food self-destruction, its about change.

If you fucking want it, you will do it. If you make the commitment to do it, give it everything you have. Ignore flashing lights, ignore distractions from the peripherals that pull you from the single-minded goal you have. All that shit does is twist you up, throw stuff where it doesn’t belong and cause setbacks.

You want to have fun? Sure, go out, order sensible food. You go to a bar, drink some club soda. I don’t want to hear you bitch and moan when your goals aren’t getting reached.

Believe me, I am a massive carboholic. I will sell my soul right NOW for a damn peanut butter candy bar. I will keep my soul for a while because I want to reach my goal more than I want to give in to distractions and shit that cause my personal failure.

You make the choice, its either be the old you or create a new you. The new one is a ton better. We can all improve, what are you willing to do to make it happen?


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