People I would pay to learn from

This is a very incomplete list but since I write most of my stuff from the hip that Clint likes to shoot from, you will get an incomplete list.

1. Robb Wolf

I don’t eat Paleo, I don’t really like it for performance reasons, but others will disagree with me and that’s fine, but Robb is a damn Paleo genius and if anyone can talk about nutrition, science of it and convince me to give it a shot for longer than one meal, its him.

2. Bret Contreras

The longer I am in this field, the more I respect the genius of the true ass man. He has made a career out of the ass, he writes books about the ass and he is one of those coaches who is completely NOT full of shit. See what I did there?

3. KStar and Donnie Thompson

Two great therapists/mobility people in the strength world. You can be as strong as you want to be but if you move like a Mack Truck on a dirt road, you are straight up fucked down the line. Plus after looking at the horribly unsearchable Mobility WOD website, I was forced to pre-order KStar’s book, looks like his plan worked. Anything you learn from these two will benefit you greatly.

4. Louie Simmons

This is obvious. Whether you are raw, geared, drug-tested or shoot more shit into your muscles than a heroin addict does into their vein, Louie can teach you something. Many don’t like the WSB method, many rip speed work, but can anyone truly argue with the success he has had with lifters and athletes? No, you can’t. You know he has a wealth of knowledge, it would be a great day to tap from that well a little bit and learn something.

5. Dan John

Ok, I already heard him speak once. I didn’t have to pay that time, I actually got PAID to speak with him, but I would pay for a day with the Dan, hands down. If you don’t know who he is, I feel sorry for you, you are either too young, too sheltered or you have to get out more.

6. John Meadows

Being that I am entering the banana hammock world (post rehab) and will be applying copious amounts of spray on tan one day, I gotta learn from some damn good bodybuilding dudes. I could pick some pros, but I will pick John because he’s actually a coach. Trained at Westside, has the credentials to back up what he says and has overcome more injuries than most of us would. Plus, watching his leg day videos makes me feel like I can’t train hard enough.

There is my incomplete list, enjoy it, feel free to comment on those you want to learn from yourself.

Remember, the strongest and the best aren’t ALWAYS the best coaches. Think outside the box and look at those who have trained people from injury to elite, from average to great and who can mold athletes and lifters from those who use hard work instead of being just genetically gifted.



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