Lazy Saturdays, ready for Sunday

Saturday is a day of rest for me, I run errands, prep food, do some client programming and relax anticipating Sunday.

Sunday is the start of my training week and I always start it off with legs.

I prioritize legs in my routine because I want wheels, I love the fact that I have a hard time finding pants to fit me, even if I am screaming like a freak about it.

In the process of planning out my program now, and post rehab, I have been jumping head first into dozens of nutrition articles, resources and reading well-respected coaches take on how to eat to grow and diet.

I am not the type to hire someone, I have delved into hiring someone a couple times for training, but part of what makes my own training so much fun is that I want to learn what works and just depend on experts to do it for me. If I get stuck, I’ll ask help, but learning is the utmost importance for me.

Nutrition is the hardest part for me, as it is most of us. We ALL know HOW to eat, and generally I do a solid job, but improvements are needed in order for me to be the best I can be.

I always said, “If I really dialed in my nutrition, I would be dangerous”…. well let’s see how dangerous…

I am ready to go, ready to grow, ready to rehab this bicep tear and ready to see what I can carve out of my body when its all said and done.

I am the artist of my body, nobody else, and its up to my knowledge, research and application of it to make it happen… I don’t have a team around me, I don’t have a plethora of money to be able to hire the best. If I want it, I have to earn it the way a man has to earn a living, with some damn hard ass work.


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