After some thought, reading and soul searching

I often write about the main reason we start lifting weights. If you follow this blog or my personal Facebook page, you know what that is.

To keep the uninitiated in a little suspense, I will start with some stories of old intertwined with some modern adventures.

When I started lifting, as you know, it was all bodybuilding magazines.

20 sets per bodypart, partial reps, etc.

I didn’t know good form for shit. I went heavy on everything, I didn’t know… I plead ignorance. It doesn’t work in court but this is my house, so I make the rules.

As I went on I found other avenues in the strength world to try my hand at. I had a ton of fun doing them all, but in the back of my crazed mind was the roots that were planted in my head when I was 17.

Before my distal tendon decided to remove itself from the bone by way of tire flip, I was really looking pretty goddamn good. I was hoping for a return to strongman, but after the injury I don’t think I want to return to that until my personal levels of strength are back to where I want them to be… so what’s a man to do to drive himself to have an epic comeback.

CrossFit? I’m 270, shit isn’t happening. Besides I’ve done it before, no mas.

Powerlifting? My squat is mediocre and I am not ready to commit to a meet post rehab.

Strongman? Maybe again down the line.

That leaves bodybuilding.

So, I will do a show before my 41st birthday.

That leaves me a little over two years to train for it, put back on size, dial in my diet, and experience it once and for all just so I can say I did it.

That means oiled up, banana hammock wearing, tanned, ripped, striated, eating egg whites and dry ass veggies…. fuck… this will be hard, but I want to know what its like to go through it.

So I said it, I am planning for it, I just got to pick a show down the road and give it everything I can.

I have nothing to lose, everything to gain and a whole new world to explore again, this time with more knowledge under my belt and the resources to pull from.

It should be interesting for sure.



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