Training day 04-11-2013

I’m tired…

Its hard to look at warmup weight and lift that for working sets when you can’t put a strain on your recently repaired bicep.

Its a mental disaster, so much so that today I just left the gym… that is rare for me.

Set 1: 75 lbs × 10
Set 2: 165 lbs × 4
Set 3: 165 lbs × 4
Set 4: 215 lbs × 3
Set 5: 215 lbs × 3
Set 6: 235 lbs × 3
Set 7: 235 lbs × 3
Set 8: 255 lbs × 3
Set 9: 255 lbs × 3

I can’t rep out and risk strain and I can’t go heavy and risk it… its just a stagnant pond until I’m able to push myself. Its a brutal feeling.

This process can’t come fast enough.


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