Training day 04-09-2013

Did something a little different today… squatted last. Why? I wanted to…

Set 1: 25 lbs × 20
Set 2: 25 lbs × 20
Set 3: 25 lbs × 20

Kept these light, pumped up my hamhocks for the rest of the lifting day.

Set 1: 90 lbs × 20
Set 2: 180 lbs × 20
Set 3: 270 lbs × 20
Set 4: 360 lbs × 20
Set 5: 450 lbs × 20
Set 6: 450 lbs × 20
Set 7: 450 lbs × 20

Was in the mood for some good old quad smashing leg press… so I worked up to a solid 20 and repeated it a few times. Again, let me reiterate that I CANNOT go heavy at ALL yet because of the strain on my bicep. You try pushing anything heavy at all without tensing up your entire body… its fucking hard. Takes some major mental effort.

Set 1: 160 lbs × 10
Set 2: 210 lbs × 8
Set 3: 210 lbs × 8
Set 4: 260 lbs x 3

Really was in the mood for heavier, so started working up to 260 but today the strain was too much. I could feel my left bicep tighten up too much (and I did these handless), so I racked… don’t need the tendon ripping out the anchor before it sets. Screw that shit. Sucks when a warmup does this. Such is the price you pay during rehab.

Still, happy with today… I can’t wait to be back to full speed…


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