Training day 04-08-2013

More right hand/side adventures in lifting.

Set 1: 30 lbs × 15
Set 2: 45 lbs × 15
Set 3: 65 lbs × 15
Set 4: 65 lbs × 15
Set 5: 55 lbs × 10

Set 5 was an extremely slow negative…. like old school Elliot Darden super slow shit. I just dated myself on that one big time, let’s see how many of the experts go to google to see who he was.

Set 1: 75 lbs × 14
Set 2: 75 lbs × 12

Part of the challenge of lifting with a ripped and recently repaired bicep (for the first few weeks) is tempering the need to go balls out, taking it heavy enough to get some work in, but light enough as to not tense the left arm at all. It all sounds great in theory, but try consciously telling your body to not do something that is almost an instinct. Its like stopping a raging piss midstream, it can be done but it kind of sucks.

Set 1: 90 lbs × 15
Set 2: 90 lbs × 15
Set 3: 90 lbs × 15
Set 4: 90 lbs × 15

Set 1: 50 lbs × 20
Set 2: 50 lbs × 20

Set 1: 14 reps w 10# KB
Set 2: 14 reps w 10# KB

Held a 10# bell straight up over my head and did situps. Simple…

I could go on and say motivational shit about how I don’t quit, never say die, blah, blah… but I’m a lifer in the gym… this is who I am. For better or for worse I am always going to find a way to move forward physically, improve myself and mold myself into a better me. I don’t see this as anything special, if you are like me, we expect this shit from ourselves, this is what we fucking do.




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