Cocky, confidence or arrogance

What does it take to transform yourself from that image in the mirror which disgusts you to what you want to be?

We all know the hard work, the sacrifice, the almost ritualistic eating and the clockwork dedication to training.

How about confidence? Cockiness? Arrogance?

I don’t mean the kind that thinks you’re better than everyone else or too good to talk to people because your former fatass went into a six pack… I am talking about that inner arrogance and cockiness that manifests into external confidence. The kind of confidence that almost wills yourself to improve, push one more rep, avoid eating like shit (most times, hell we all need a little shit food every so often), turns down staying out until 3AM when you know you lift at 9… stuff like that. The confidence knowing that people are looking at you, watching you improve and they want to know what you do to make it happen…

External arrogance is just being an asshole, cockiness is saved for gameday when you take the field, or platform, and have full confidence that your training makes you the best damn competitor there… even if you don’t end up on the winning end, you are prepared to do your best.

This confidence comes with preparation… eat well, train with a goal, rest well.


Hard to start doing it when you’re entrenched in shit habits…. so take two steps first.

Why two? One isn’t enough…

Start with hiring a trainer and getting rid of refined sugar first.

Watch results start coming and then you’ll want to take another step….

Grains? Alcohol? Bad sleep? Pick one… this is how you make it happen… you can do it all at once and overwhelm yourself, or you can chip away, gain confidence and build the inner arrogance needed in order to truly be the best version on you.

Make a choice, are you going to roll over and wonder what if, or are you going to make shit happen…


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