Universal truths about lifting

A small list of things some people forget to remember… does that make sense?

  • Deloads are individual. Once a month? Once every two? That all depends on you. Not everybody has a set in stone deload schedule, I don’t care what others say. 
  • Train the squat/bench/dead/press like a lifter and everything else like a bodybuilder. Easy… move the fucking bar on the big lifts and feel the muscle working on the accessory. Unless you like being blocky… have a little show with the go, kids.
  • All programs work all the time, just not ALL the time. Plus don’t forget the inclusion of AAS  to the mix. Don’t be naive enough to think that doesn’t have a bearing on how the program works… you take two lifters, one clean and one not, both work equally hard at a certain program, who gets stronger? You know the answer….don’t always assume what will work for a lifter who is cranked to the max will work for you who may just be on a gallon of milk a day, use some common sense.
  • If your goal is max speed (sprinting), train that first before lifting. Same with max power. Don’t prefatigue yourself with heavy lifting before speed and power…. and for the love of god, box jumps are not cardio. Ever.
  • Science is a beautiful thing, common training sense is even better. Some things you can’t learn from a book or an article. Some are learned from doing.
  • No matter who writes what, me or anybody, you have to see what works for you. Some love jumping squats, some love pause squats, some will go to their deathbed defending box squats… guess what? They are all right, because results are HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL!!!  Hell if you get stronger with 6×20 lifting, knock yourself out. If you do singles often and get jacked, who am I to criticize you? Capiche?

Instead of following the pack, follow the reflection in the mirror, the number on the scale and the weights on the bar… if it needs fixing, tweak it, but always LEARN what works for you.


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