One think an injury does is make you reflect on your training and how it can be prevented in the future.

It also gives you time to formulate a plan of attack to comeback better than before.

One good think about a distal tendon repair is that you can come back stronger, not having it done wasn’t an option…

I am not the “woe is me” guy. I never was. I take setbacks head on and deal. I look at them as a challenge to overcome rather than wallow. Sure I have moments, like when I am opening a jar… showering… etc., but that is the price you pay for something like this.

I injured myself while in the best shape of my recent life and I’ll get it back quickly.

The plan is to train like I was, using my program, and regain back where I was before. I have goals and nothing will prevent those from being met.

Just… no more tire flipping, ever. 🙂


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