Why did you start?

In my years in the fitness industry I have seen a lot. Trends come and go, people come and go, but the song remains the same.

Getting people in shape is a lucrative business.

Powerlifting isn’t, sports training is if you have the right connections and get lucky with a few good athletes to start; but the vast majority of people spending money are the average Joe’s and Jane’s who could care less that your blog has 500 followers or your Facebook page gets 5000 likes.

Those people are in your backyard, they are your neighbors… that is where your impact as a trainer is felt the most.

Let’s face it, books don’t sell forever, membership sites eventually run out of original content to keep people paying and people aren’t going to fly weekly to spend money to train with you unless they have the money to burn… which most lifters don’t have unless they are Stan Efferding (google him if you don’t know).

In order to keep growing as a training business, you have to dominate your local area. Period. That means referrals, word of mouth, working with people who don’t fit the “elite” mode, helping everyone you can fit in become a better version of themselves.

Most of them won’t even care about your online business, most of them aren’t in “our circle”, that’s a guarantee. That is a huge market to tap into right there especially if you live in a populated area.

Or you can ignore them and lose out to someone else who takes online marketing less seriously and face to face marketing more.

You can have both, but you can’t make it in this business without taking on your local market and focusing on getting them in your door, stronger and more fit… I don’t care what you hear from others, this is as tried and true as the squat being the king of the lifts.


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