Surgery in two hours

Funny how shit happens.

I was feeling good, strong, getting my physique where I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t happy with that… I had to say “self, let’s try strongman again since you were good at it before”.

Usually not a problem, but after several tire flips, boom, left bicep tendon decided it was.

Now I am sitting in outpatient at the hospital after the MRI showed a complete tear of the distal tendon.

Of course I could leave it alone, but that would cause strength issues and symmetry issues (which at this stage of my life may be a little more important than symmetry).

I have a pretty solid plan post-surgery. Starting with a few days off of work (god bless sick and vacation days), followed by more squatting, right arm work and waiting until my sling/cast is off in order to get the left arm working the way it should be.

Of course all daily things will be made that much more challenging using one arm. Stuff like, driving, showering, eating, cooking, dressing, tying my damn shoes and even typing on this keyboard.


Shit happens, you lift and push yourself hard things break…

But as of right now, the nurses are eyeballing me and holding this hospital gown…

Time to get changed, time to come out of here with a new goal…

Becoming better than I fucking was before.

The best is yet to come.


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