Post surgery update


I am home, slinged up and typing with one hand.

Now comes the rehab process aided by Percocet. Let’s be real… they cut into my bone, reattached the tendon, so you bet your ass I am taking the Percs.


I have no usage of my left arm until they take this off and put a brace on Friday, then rehab starts…

Typing with one hand is a tad difficult so I will keep this short… I have a plan of attack for this:

  1. Listen to my doctor and therapist. This team works with professional athletes, they know a lot more than I do.
  2. Attack rehab with a goal of coming back quickly, safely and better.
  3. Eat clean, no need to gain weight and this week is the time to re-introduce good habits.
  4. Walk a lot this week, get blood moving around and keep heart working.
  5. When I can train with both arms I will be training like a bodybuilder for 4-6 months. Get mass back, symmetry and shape. I won’t lose much but nothing motivates me more than a challenge… nothing.
  6. Never flip a tire again…. ever.

I’ll be better than before… with my own program, my own methods, my way and my results.. Cannot wait to get this shit under way.



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