Training day 04-01-2013

Tomorrow is D-day for me… bicep surgery day.

Motivation has been lacking the past several days for many reasons, one of them is having my arm sliced open and dealing with the fact that I will only have use of one arm for everything, and rehabbing it, for a while.

A pretty sobering thought at times, but its part of this game we play when we push ourselves hard. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes tendons tear off of bones…

Screw it… I’ll be back better than before…

Set 1: 135 lbs × 3
Set 2: 135 lbs × 3
Set 3: 185 lbs × 3
Set 4: 225 lbs × 3
Set 5: 275 lbs × 2
Set 6: 315 lbs × 2
Set 7: 365 lbs × 2
Set 8: 405 lbs × 1
Set 9: 405 lbs × 5

Used the bar today since I wanted to before the surgery for one last time before the SSB became my best friend for a while… my low bar felt like garbage, so switched to high bar and felt solid. The final set wasn’t hard, wasn’t easy but was good.

My squat makes no sense whatsoever at all…. its almost like my legs just say “screw you” at times and don’t want to do shit.

Set 1: 110 lbs × 20
Set 2: 110 lbs × 20
Set 3: 110 lbs × 20

Set 1: 135 lbs × 8
Set 2: 185 lbs × 5
Set 3: 225 lbs × 5
Set 4: 225 lbs × 5
Set 5: 225 lbs x 5

And that ended the last workout before I am drugged up, sliced open, stitched up and turned into a dribbling fool after surgery (and those awesome painkillers)… and then the real fun begins.

You haven’t seen shit like an extremely motivated, driven as fuck, me… its spectacular what comes out of that…


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