Training day 03-27-2013

Able to use two hands with Triceps today, but kept it light and repped the hell out… 120 total reps on the light weight. Goddamn I miss the pump… the day I can start training like that full force again I am going to fill myself up with so much NO product that I will be pumped for a week.

Set 1: 70 lbs × 30
Set 2: 70 lbs × 30
Set 3: 70 lbs × 30
Set 4: 70 lbs × 30

Set 1: 145 lbs × 12
Set 2: 235 lbs × 14
Set 3: 235 lbs × 20
Set 4: 235 lbs × 20

Since I am not grabbing a bar with both hands yet, these were done like a squat and shrugging my shoulders as hard as they can be shrugged. A lot harder than you think, awkward as hell but they do work.

Set 1: 90 lbs × 20
Set 2: 90 lbs × 20
Set 3: 90 lbs × 20

Found a machine at my gym that doesn’t pinch me in like a man trapped in solitary…

Ended up my workout with 20 minutes on the Stepmill. Yes, I did the Stepmill. Just not at 5:30AM like others do.



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