What training should be

I believe in a few things about the training business:

  • Fitness and strength are universal. They are not just for the rich, the elite or the best looking. Catering to the best limits your pool of clients and limits your financial health.
  • Don’t price yourself out of the market, but don’t undercut your own worth either. We still provide a service and if your skill level is adequate, you should be rewarded for it. If you are charging 80 bucks an hour as a new trainer, you are an asshole. You need to hone your craft before demanding more money.
  • Don’t fuck over business associates, don’t ripoff the client and don’t lie about what you can do. Period. There are stories all over about this, some with existing trainers/coaches. The fastest way to get people to think you are full of shit is to do one of those mentioned.
  • If you are on social networks mocking out of shape people, you are an ass. Nobody started out looking like they want to look, you didn’t either. Way to alienate a large percentage of the populace who may want to use you. Sure you get a cheap laugh, but look at your before pictures first.
  • Leads me into this… social networking is vastly overrated unless you build your business around selling books, shirts and memberships. Then again, you better be one prolific writer to support the time you are away from actually training people. Book sales die out, people find a new icon to follow, but NOTHING beats training people, getting referrals and keeping busy making lives better and you money. Oh, and you’ll still find time to pen the occasional book, I did.

Simple shit huh? Not too hard to follow… so chug the ego and get to work. No matter how good we think we are at what we do, someone is right there waiting to slip into those shoes we haven’t filled.


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