Training day 03-26-2013

Started out today with a plan, plan got a little twisted up by my newborn deer legs… modifications ensued.

After Sunday’s squat-a-thon with bands, I definitely felt the fatigue today.

Set 1: 165 lbs × 6
Set 2: 255 lbs × 8
Set 3: 305 lbs × 4
Set 4: 305 lbs × 4
Set 5: 255 lbs × 4

Kept it light after feeling like the bus from “Speed” was busy slamming into my quads with each rep. Even the light sets sucked.

Set 1: 145 lbs × 2
Set 2: 235 lbs × 3
Set 3: 325 lbs × 2
Set 4: 325 lbs × 2
Set 5: 325 lbs × 2

Pretty much forgot how horrible these are. Nothing like picking up weight, from a dead stop, using your back… and NOT your hands to pull it.

Set 1: 100 reps

Since the squat session was pretty subpar, threw in some air squats at the end for some extra work.

Sometimes getting work in is all you need.


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