While reading articles….

You will come across varying viewpoints about training from all over the place.

Low or high volume?

High reps or lower reps for weak point training?

Speed days or not?

Singles to build strength or greasing the “strength groove”?

Frequent lifting of main lifts or once a week per lift?

Gear or raw?

And many others…

I mean we live in the golden age of strength information. Nobody is 100% right and few people are 100% wrong. There are numerous theories on getting bigger, stronger, faster, more fit, losing weight, gaining weight, getting bigger arms, etc.. Its overwhelming if you are new to this game.

Know what way is the right way?

What works for YOU… not someone else, but YOU.

You answer to your own progress, you look in the mirror, you do the work, you reap the benefits of what you do and you fail when you don’t implement what works for you.

I don’t care what author says what, hell you could read my stuff and think I am full of shit… and that’s fine. My program may never work for you, but it may work for the other guy at the gym who lifts next to you. Its all in how your body responds to a specific training stimulus and that is where your mind, your patience, your experimentation and your dedication comes in handy.

The one key with ALL programs is giving them a fair shake. If you do something for two weeks, its not enough time to judge. 8-10 weeks at the bare minimum is the ideal time to form a good opinion on most training methods. If you feel it working, stick it out and ride it for what its worth. If its not working, change it up some, tweak it, try something new.

You are in control of what your results are. You are the only one who has the best knowledge of what your body needs to be the best it can be.

Absorb all you can and figure it out. We all have a lifetime to get it right, there isn’t any rush….


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