Training day 03-25-2013

More single arm madness. I don’t even have to do core work anymore, all the squatting with the SSB and the single arm work is giving my abs the workout of a lifetime.

I can only imagine how much stronger they will be after continuing this while the left arm heals up.

Set 1: 45 lbs × 10
Set 2: 60 lbs × 10
Set 3: 80 lbs × 10
Set 4: 105 lbs × 10
Set 5: 115 lbs × 10
Set 6: 130 lbs × 9
Set 7: 130 lbs × 10
Set 8: 150 lbs × 6

Bracing your own body on a bench with 150 pounds in one arm is a hell of a lot harder than you think.

Set 1: 80 lbs × 2
Set 2: 105 lbs × 2
Set 3: 105 lbs × 2

On the last two sets I held the DB for about 15-20 at lockout to isometrically work the shoulder and abs at the same time.

Set 1: 120 lbs × 5
Set 2: 120 lbs × 21

High rep rows unsupported….

I am not sure what got a better workout today, the upper body or the abs.

Tonight’s meal wasn’t as epic as last nights… just an homage to the simple steak and salad.


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