RIP Joe Weider

If you are around my age (38) chances are you got started lifting because of a direct Joe Weider influence.

You read his magazines, you bought the supplements he hawked.

I remember buying those amino chewables in high school that tasted worse that the chalk they used AT the high school.

They were endorsed by Rich Gaspari in the ad, so they HAD to work, right?

His vision brought bodybuilding and fitness from the subculture into the living room. Try to debate that. Arnold played a huge role in this, but who was to carry the torch when he wasn’t around? Not many bodybuilders had even 1/10th the charisma that Arnold has. Not even close. Lee Haney, no. Dorian, no. Phil Heath, no. Arnold was the apex of the sport’s history in stature and persona… someone had to keep this going.

Weider marketed magazines, supplements, the Mr. Olympia is the greatest crown in bodybuilding and his legacy is seen in every single lifting and fitness magazine you see on the shelves.

The younger generation of lifters and bodybuilders may not realize the impact he has had on their decision to train. If it wasn’t for the exposure he started to bring this insanity of ours, reporting on it, building it and promoting it; we would be a lot further behind in exposure than we are.

The internet hides the fact that at one time all we had was magazines, and they were filled with motivational images, articles, information, diet advice and ads geared towards people like us.

In the next week I want you all to take a look at the barbell in front of you and know that every time you step into that gym; whether its a warehouse gym, a globo gym, a mom and pop facility or your basement… Weider had a direct influence on your decision to make the decision to make yourself a better you.

RIP Joe, because I picked up one of your magazines as a kid I realized this is the path I wanted to take. Thanks for paving the way for us and I hope all future magazine publishers, editors, writers and reporters do your legacy proud.


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