Training day 03-19-2013

After hashing out a plan of attack in my head, and writing one up for myself, I have decided on a course of action that makes people shudder at the word, has brought grown men to their knees and has put mass and pounds on millions (ok, not that many) of lifters.


Yes, Smolov.

The 3-4x a week high volume, high intensity death by squatting program developed by some Russian sicko named Smolov.

It is rumored that Smolov is translated into “fuck you” in English.

Just a rumor.

The first 3 weeks are a basic introduction to the hell that awaits. So to be smart, I dropped my working weight down to a decent level, especially since I am using a SSB for the duration of this program.

I will still splice in some upper body work, but being that I am nursing a tear (which seems to be healing fast, or at least getting full ROM back pretty quickly) I don’t plan on hitting the upper body hard until I am safe to.

Squatting this frequently will do wonders for my whole body, plus help with my weakest lift.

Today wasn’t bad… it will get much, much worse after the first 3 weeks.

Set 1: 165 lbs × 6
Set 2: 165 lbs × 8
Set 3: 275 lbs × 8
Set 4: 275 lbs × 8
Set 5: 275 lbs × 8
Set 6: 300 lbs × 5
Set 7: 320 lbs × 2
Set 8: 320 lbs × 2
Set 9: 340 lbs × 1

Every rep was fast (it was light) and since I did some upper work yesterday, I called it a day after this.

Starting next week I will be throwing in some more upper body work to keep myself going up top, but nothing crazy…

This is going to a nice ride and should culminate in something very good coming out of it at the end.

Either that or I will regret ever hearing the name Smolov.


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