Stuff that drives me insane part 2

—- Normal people who think we be cray

All of you know someone, or several someone’s, who look at what we do with a stupid eye.

“you know you’ll hurt your back”

“those vitamins are bad for you”

“why do you have to lift tonight? It’s 10 cent beer at the bar?”

Shit like that doesn’t dignify a response. Its like arguing with someone who insists the sky is green.

Then, god forbid you get hurt, it somehow validates their reasoning as they sit around eating cupcakes.

No shit. I’ve had a few people near me say, “see, all that heavy lifting is bad”. I walk away before I say something I’ll regret….. Not worth it.

—- Amateur nutritionists

This is a sketchy area. There’s a reason why I never give nutrition advice. I’m not a damn nutritionist.

I will direct people where to go, give them things to read but until I can get some more education under my belt and a proper amount of letters that go with it, I’m just an amateur.

Like all amateurs, leave the advice to the professionals. Don’t try to give the clients what YOU do. Maybe it won’t work for them, maybe it will, but direct them instead to some resources by people who are vastly more qualified than you and make sure they are good resources.

The JM Blakely stuff your face story isn’t one. It’s funny, but let’s be real.

If you prepped for a bodybuilding show, you have vastly more experience than the average trainer/coach. Prepping for a show is about the hardest thing you can do with your dietary plan. That doesn’t make you a nutritionist, but you sure as hell know more than I do.

Dropping weight to make weight for a meet doesn’t. Sorry to say. Bulking to add weight doesn’t. Eating Paleo doesn’t… any idiot can tell someone “shop the outside of the store, eat whole foods, no grains, no dairy, blah blah” which is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean shit as far as being a qualified person to make nutrition recommendations.


Robb Wolf – yes… your average Paleo eater – no

Layne Norton – yes… a 25 year old lifter dropping 5 pounds to make weight – no

Catch what I am throwing here?


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