My rehab plan of attack

Saturday when the tear happened, I thought to myself, “all this hard work, over… all these changes will take forever to get back”… now I know that isn’t the case with a smart plan.

I realize things have to change, minor things, in order to maintain bicep health after full rehab.


  • No over/under grip. Double overhand, hook grip. It will suck, but oh well.
  • No more reverse grip bent over rows.
  • No more tire flips, in fact if someone asks me to flip a tire again I will dropkick their face off.

In the meantime I plan on squatting 3x a week in varying intensities with a safety squat bar. That bar is a nemesis for me, so it will become a good friend.

These are the exercises that I plan to hammer home with the SSB:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Good Mornings
  • Upper back good mornings
  • Pause Squats

I will attempt hands-free front squats, light, just to work the core, erectors and my quads more.

Glute ham raises, machines for high reps and abs.

Upper body will present a challenge as I can’t do anything heavy for pulling or curls yet and the same goes for pressing.


Bands for biceps and triceps, light for reps and blood flow.

Machines for shoulders and chest, high reps, light. Lots of machine laterals, rear delts and maybe overhead machine pressing depending how the arm feels. I won’t do anything stupid, as  I don’t want to make it worse, but sitting idly by and letting myself wallow in an injury is the last thing I am going to do.

Batwings for back, a VERY underrated exercise. I will take a video of these for tonight’s training log entry. Sure you can find them on YouTube, but this is my goddamn page and it will be my goddamn video.

With this plan, I should be able to maintain what I have until I am back to speed. Its only a partial tear, not full, so I dodged the 12 gauge and got hit with a .22 instead.


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