I’ve been real lucky, but…

Man, I’ve dodged so many bullets over the years with sports and training injuries.

Sure I had aches, pains, concussions, minor broken bones and spilled my share of blood, but nothing that would require a major setback.

I’ve competed in Highland Games, CrossFit strongman, push/pulls, strongman, raced BMX and a shitload of other sports..

It caught up to me in one flip of a 550 pound tire Saturday with a partial bicep tear.

I’m not being woe is me, shit happens, but I have flipped 1000 pound tires with no ill effects and a simple 550 one made my bicep open like velcro.

Yes, that is exactly what it felt like… Exactly.

So take your grandfather’s sneakers, rip open the velcro quickly and you have an idea what it feels like.

No pain, just a “fuckkkkkkkk”.

At first I was seriously depressed, hell I still am a little. I have make tremendous progress in my training and physique the last several months (Which is owed to a few factors) and this setback threw my mental state into a minor tailspin.

But… I am a man, not a bitch… so after seeing the ultrasound in ER, and seeing it appeared to be only minor, I came up with a plan of attack to rehab this and get myself back to full speed ASAfuckingP.

It involves a lot of squatting and ton of single arm work with light bands for rehab.

I was considering Smolov, but I don’t want to die a slow death again. The first time several years ago was bad enough, I think this time I would end up 6 feet under.

Muscle tears are part of the game, sometimes freak shit happens when lifting weights.

Hence, to avoid this issue again, tires can go piss off from now on and I will be learning the hook grip to pull. Sure I will give up some pounds and my thumbs will look like a gunshot victim, but at least my bicep will stay attached where it belongs.

Its a small setback, ok maybe a little more than small… but one that is manageable, workable and presents another challenge for me.


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