Who am I?

I’m about to get personal here. Real personal.

I am usually against blogs like this because they draw too much attention to you but being that I am a part of the insane fitness “look at me” industry, let’s give this a shot.

I won’t talk about my youth or upbringing. I go into that in my book a little. This is about the 38 year old man who is here now.

More specifically, the recent past.

In the last 30 months I’ve learned more about myself than the first 36 years of my life.

I moved to Ohio in August of 2010 and in that time life took me on quite the ride. Changes, life changes. What started out as a new adventure ended up taking me down a path I never saw coming.

In that time I laughed, cried, lived, and more importantly learned what I value, what I want and where I belong.

I’m a man of passion, fire, heart. I am both the bad guy and the good guy. I have learned to appreciate what life can bring and learned to sacrifice for what means the most to me.

I have improved both inside and out. I finished my strongman career in 2010 with a nice little back injury, competed in a push/pull the same year and have transformed my physique into something I am finally proud of.

I’m my own worst enemy. I will pick myself apart, go heavy when I shouldn’t, I am hard on myself and hate feeling like I’m not giving my all. When I want something, the gates of hell could open up and I would forge on.

I have made mistakes. I have screwed up and I learned from them.

My mom always said to me, “if you put as much effort into school as you do with (insert activity here) you would be anything you wanted to be”. And she was right. She’s an awesome woman and I still learn from her even as a grown ass man.

The gym is on outlet for me. Some people say they express themselves in the gym by taking out stress in it. I can say the gym is my savior. It’s the one thing I have always had in my life that I can go to, shut up and just get shit done without the outside world being a part of that. Its my house. My damn house.

The outside world is uncontrollable. You can’t predict anything. One day you could be in great spirits and the next day your company could have mass layoffs. But giving up is never an option. Never.

I follow my heart. I follow my gut. It has rarely done me wrong. If I feel it, I say it, I go for it and I’m not afraid of it.

These last 30 months have been unreal. Details are unimportant as my life is still my own.

What you can learn from me is quite simple. Life is short. If you are over 30 you can probably remember when you were a teenager like it just happened and that is some humbling stuff.

What you can take from this blog applies to everything you do. Live. Love. Laugh. Follow your heart. Stand your ground. Life is a fight. Life is wonderful and everything we go through has meaning.

You can be on top of world one day and on the bottom the next. Taking anything for granted is a huge mistake. Many people more well off than all of us found themselves on the wrong end of that rope. What I’ve learned is that simple concept. I am human. I err. I grow. And I grow daily. I get injured. I heal. I regress and I advance. But the one thing you never do, never, is give up the one thing that drives you to be better than yesterday.

I know where I belong. I know my place in this world. After 38 years I found that.


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