An observation about men

There exist a few things about us men that drive me nuts, whether it is in the gym, life or work.

  1. Wearing a sports jersey, unless you are AT the game supporting your team, is a major douche move. Let’s face it, going out for the night wearing some bright white jersey with #55 emblazoned with another man’s name above it screams “I will never find a woman”.
  2. If you are less than 200 pounds and you aren’t shredded, stay away from the cable stack at the gym, period.
  3. Skinny jeans are never good.
  4. If you are attending a job interview, and its not a labor related field, get a nice shirt, a tie and some shined up black shoes. Learn how to knot a tie, learn how to dress, and that fish tie gag gift isn’t going to cut it.
  5. Every man wants a gorgeous fit woman, that is why men flock like idiots to take the Victoria’s Secret catalog to the bathroom before their wives get home. Don’t you think women want the same? Put down the 6 pack, get off your ass and give her something good to look at. If she doesn’t follow suit, at least you are healthier.
  6. If you cannot do routine maintenance around the house, you are a wuss. I am talking simple stuff like snaking pipes, fixing a light switch, hanging sheet rock, etc. You don’t have to be Johnny Contractor, but if you call a tradesman to come over to change a switch, and you are a man, you should start going backwards through puberty.
  7. Grown ass men with nicknames on Facebook between their god-given names. Like John “Crusher” Doe. No.. No.. No.. No.. No..  No!!!!
  8. Hero worship, following blindly. We are a nation of sheep, period. Everyone wants to follow the leader. This is why we elect the same people over and over and over again to political office. 95% of America just takes it in the … well you know, and never questions. Don’t be that guy. Whether it is strength programs, news, politics, whatever… always question, always learn and always be that guy who raises his hand annoying the teacher.
  9. If you wear your High School Varsity Letter jacket after High School, and it ISN’T a HS reunion of some sort, you are Al Bundy. You are living in the past and you need to hang that coat up and stop.
  10. If you don’t read this blog, as a man, you automatically lose man points from me. Right off the top. Share this with your friends, I want the page hits. I don’t care if you enjoy the blog, I just want to look at my stats and nod my head in web victory.


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One thought on “An observation about men

  1. Spot on. Re #5 I was totally chuffed when my wife said I had a nice butt. Clearly the squats, deadlifts and kettlebell swings are doing something.


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