Stuff that drives me insane part 1

Unlike other strength coaches and personal trainers, I don’t just talk about the latest EMG test for the tricep extension that shows if you pronate your hand at a 10 degree bend you will hit your tricep harder at a certain place…

I don’t just talk about motivational and in your face crap. I have a life outside of the gym, but the gym is a huge part of it. Without the gym I would still find a way to lift…. I did it before. I drove my truck around, found various boulders and tires and drug them to the yard of my house. Ghetto as hell, but damn they work. I also bought some loadable KB handles and was able to swing, snatch, clean, jerk, toss and throw a bell around.

I made do. If you want it, you will…

Back on track.

Here is a list (and explanation of why) of shit that drives me insane. For as high strung as I can be, I will keep this list short because it can get long.

I’ll start with the obvious to me, the most recent one, the one that makes me laugh in bellowing guffaws.

— The word Alpha.

Enough! The internet has made this word similar to a man giving himself a nickname. Remember Revenge of the Nerds 2? Christ I am old for using that movie reference… in that movie one of the AB gave himself a nickname “Meat”… well of course everyone just called him “Tiny”.

Man rule #1. If you call yourself something like that, you are boasting, you are bragging, you are puffing your chest out to hide something else. Period. I don’t care who you are, what you do, where you live, how much you lift, how much money you make or anything… a label means nothing. Its jack shit. Period. I reject that word just like Robb Wolf’s body rejects Gluten. Who cares about a label, go about your business with your head held high, treat people with respect, earn respect by your actions, work hard, live well, be a man with some principles and labels mean nothing.

Plus, the day I EVER call another man Alpha is the day you can cut my balls off and hang them from a fireplace mantle. I am a man, I bow to nobody. By calling another man Alpha you are saying “you are more of a man than I am, so please don’t make a bitch out of me”… hell no. That will never be me.

I respect people for their accomplishments but that doesn’t make them a better man or a bigger man than me. That just means they succeeded in their area of expertise and I applaud them for it.

— Bitching about gas prices

Buy a smaller car. You know gas prices are high, they have been high since 1855. In some areas of this nation they are close to, if not above, 4 bucks a gallon. It sucks. We know it sucks. Everyone feels it, but bitching about it isn’t going to change it. I hear it all the time from people around me. When I lived in NYC/Long Island area gas was over 4.50 a gallon. I had a V8 truck. I could literally watch the gas gauge go down faster than a 5 dollar hooker.

What did I do? I bought a small car. Yes, it is funny seeing a 6’3” 270 pound guy get out of a car that size, but I am saving money on gas so I can buy more food… more food = more gainz. Win.

I will stick to two for now… stay tuned for more ways to make me crazy….


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