Random thoughts

I laughed at myself today.

It was GTL day.

Gym (a little cardio), tanning and laundry.

If I grow hair and get a blowout, shoot me.


I’ve seen hundreds of high school athletes lifting over the years. Is the state of HS strength coaching that bad? Most of them look like hell with a bar on their backs. A newborn deer is more sure of themselves walking than a lot of these kids are squatting.

Basics, coaches, basics…

Master bodyweight before using weights.

Before a bar is on the back work the goblet squat.

Rep work before max effort. There really isn’t a good reason for a high school athlete to max out on anything. The goal is size and strength, not stroking their 15 year old ego with shit form.

Most of them can’t do a max effort set without a seizure, why further along bad habits without reinforcing proper form.

But, coaches love to brag… as a former HS coach I can attest to hearing other coaches talk about “I have this many 300 pound benchers”. Meanwhile his program sucked.

Strength doesn’t always equals athletic performance, especially when that strength is achieved with shit execution.


If pizza was anabolic, I would look like Phil Heath. Someone needs to make a pizza that is androgenic.

Testa Pizza…

It works..


I am still amazed when I see skinny people talk about bad food choices when trying to gain weight. I think to myself, “self, why are they worried about eating dirty when they look like Kate Moss on a heroin binge?”

If you don’t know who Kate Moss is, use Google. Its not difficult.

Goddamn skinny people, EAT!

If you start getting too fat, clean it up!

If you aren’t getting big enough, eat more!

This is a science, yes, but it is not nuclear physics.

The basic laws apply. You eat more, you gain more. You eat less, you gain less.

And if you are worried about the GI of white rice as compared to brown rice and you are not either maintaining a certain body composition, losing weight or contest prepping… run before I smack you.


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