But at least they are doing something!!!

I was the guy for a long time who made fun of bodybuilding. Yes… I admit it… Now I embrace it as a solid training regimen to accompany what I do in the gym.

After you see massive physique changes over a short period of time, you tend to realize how asinine your close-minded views were.

Stepping on a stage isn’t in my future, nor will it ever be, as I can never see myself dieting down that hard. I respect those that do as it is the ultimate test of willpower in strength sports.

Powerlifting and strongman are a challenge yes… but try training hard weeks before a meet with calorie deprivation, super low carbs, manipulating sodium and stepping on stage for everyone to judge you based on appearance… not how well you perform.

One wrong move in diet can leave you looking flat, a bad tan will leave you washed out onstage and every little detail will be killed under the bright lights.

Let’s not get into posing practice.

Isometric holds for an extended period of time is a workout in itself… you cramp, you are sore and why don’t you try doing that onstage when water is sucked out of your body leaving you a vascular striated heap of muscle.

You are irritable, sore, tired, hungry, weaker…

I knew many a competitor who lifted with impressive weights only to see those weights plummet during contest prep. Imagine the ego shot that has on you.

Now tell me if that isn’t a challenge.

On the bright side…

Once you embrace the rep work, muscles grow. When muscles grow they have the capacity to get stronger. When they have that capacity, well you know what happens next.

Ever since I adopted this mindset of “going back to my roots” and doing it right this time, my arms grew, my back and legs grew, my traps have their own zip code and post office, my shoulders went from decent to “delts of destruction” and the before and after pics look like something out of a magazine ad (minus the 6 pack of course, I have yet to really dial in my diet the way I want to).

All this was because I decided to put aside my ancient views of “go heavy or go home”… now it is more “go heavy sometimes and grow”.

Sure you can be strong, sure you can look good… but why not have them both?

I decided on both.


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