What I noticed at the Arnold

I usually avoid fitness expos because of the mass crowds involved with the process. Occasionally they are fun, but the crowds can be overwhelming to deal with at times… but they are a great learning experience for someone involved in strength sports of any type.

  1. Bodybuilding and fitness are the premier attractions of all strength sports. Period. Strongman and PL lags far behind. That isn’t a bad thing, it just is.
  2. When a supplement company can offer you product at a drastically reduced rate, as per expo price, it makes you realize how much money there really is in that industry. The profit margin of those products is absolutely insane.
  3. People will buy the most obnoxious tee shirts that have the cheesiest slogans on them you can imagine.
  4. It always amazes me to see food vendors at a fitness expo selling cotton candy and sugary soda.
  5. Its motivating as hell to see people lift and powerful builds. I don’t care who you are or what strength sport you partake in, if you come out of an expo with no motivation to improve, you are hopeless.
  6. Too many expo attendees wait in lines to buy the newest supplements when they should be waiting in line to check out with pounds of meat and tons of food instead.
  7. No bullshit on this one… at least 5 dudes at the expo were talking to me and assuming I was a competitive bodybuilder… I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that they thought I was one when I clearly am not as big as some of them, or the fact that they had a submissive schmoe-like quality to them.
  8. Hanging out with Glenn Pendlay doesn’t do his size justice, he is a large, physically imposing man. I am a big dude, but he is a house.
  9. Ronnie Coleman’s area was impossible to get to. I don’t think any Mr. Olympia, past or present, has the star power he does. Within 30 feet of his massive setup was a mob of people just waiting to get there… an absolute mob.
  10. Puts your own training in perspective. A lot of us have massive egos and looking around we are just a cog in the wheel. Champions are dethroned and new ones are crowned on a regular basis. Always work hard, always be humble and never forget that in a blink of an eye this journey can be over. This “sport” is about the person in the mirror, nothing more and nothing less. If you better yourself on a regular basis you win.



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