Tick tock

I remember being a kid in 2nd grade and doing this simple math assignment.

We had to figure out how old we would be in the year 2000. I remember all of the kids, including myself, saying “Wow, that’s OLD!!!!!”… even though I was only 26 in the year 2000.

I remember learning how to drive my car like it was yesterday. My brother taking me out to an empty parking lot in my Nissan Sentra and teaching me.

Subsequently I beat that car to hell running from cops while speeding, jumping down huge hills on Spring Street in Reading, racing people on back roads where there isn’t any business racing a car. Taking inner city kids (and myself) to my girlfriend’s school dance in the sticks (one hour away) and getting kicked out because they weren’t “white”… yes that shit happened in the 80’s and 90’s still. Eventually that car just got driven into the ground by my carelessness.

As I got older, time gets shorter. When you are younger, 8 hour work days last FOREVER. Now they just last 8 hours and time seems to tick by faster.

Where am I going with this?

A few paths.

I take progress pics of myself often. I don’t post them very often, if at all, because they are for me to compare how I look over time.

After I recently compared ones from this time last year to now, the transformation is remarkable. I have progressed in ways that most people who lift in gyms never do.

Waist is smaller, lats are bigger, back is thicker. Traps are huge, arms and legs are bigger and my delts went from good to damn good.

But I am never satisfied. I want to be better, stronger and more refined.

I changed my program to the one I wrote. I added high rep work, cycled intensities on core lifts, doing more cardio, and adding more balanced training to what I do.

All that in about a year. Imagine what 5 years will bring…..

In that year time blew by extremely fast. I had changes in my life and a future that is looking solid once it comes together. During that year I buried myself in my craft. I have an unwavering focus which a lot of people won’t have because their excuses overpower the action they wish to take.

Time flies by. Don’t fall into that thought process where you think “tomorrow I’ll do it”. Start today. Start now.

When you are 38, like myself, and can look back with a vivid memory of a 2nd grade experience and remember almost everything about it, you will know just how fast time flies.

Why put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today?


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